Guatemala Sourcing Trip 2013

Todd was in Guatemala a couple of weeks ago filming another episode for Dangerous Grounds Season 2. He came back with these amazing photos:








Please check out our facebook album for more photos.

UPDATE 3/4/14: Here are some videos from the episode airing tonight

4 Comments on Guatemala Sourcing Trip 2013

  1. Amazing photos. I know this effort will help the lives of these people. I am grateful for all the help you can give. My son is Mayan and he’s just a beautiful as these folks.


  2. Ron Luikaart // May 16, 2013 at 3:36 am // Reply

    Beautiful colors.


  3. Powerful Todd Carmichael!


  4. The next you visit Antigua, be sure to stop by Kaffee Fernando, a popular coffee shop where the owner, Fernando, sources, roasts and grinds his own coffee. He also produces an artisanal line of chocolates. A great guy and a source of much information who knows absolutely everyone.


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