Ardi – Ethiopia Sidama


Our Ardi – Ethiopia Sidama is now available for purchase at the La Colombe online store.

Cupping Notes: A wonderfully fragrant and aromatic coffee with wisps raspberry, strawberry and coffee blossoms.

Few naturally processed coffees make the mark like this one, then absolutely surpass it in every way – a poster child for the argument for clean fruity naturals, this Sidama Guji coffee is something special.  Named after Ardi the oldest human skeleton ever found (4.4 million years old) in Ethiopia, this coffee is testimony to what skilled agriculture combined with masterful processing can create.

ArdiWeb4     ArdiWeb3

ArdiWeb2 ArdiWeb

2 Comments on Ardi – Ethiopia Sidama

  1. Michael Perry // June 6, 2014 at 5:26 pm // Reply

    I found the Ardi SIdama degree of roast so predominantly extra light that it was more akin to sipping rose-hips tea than coffee. I say predominantly extra light because to my surprise there were clearly three distinct degrees of roast in the bag; from extra light to light to pretty dang light. I would like to try this bean with a bit more color to see if the profile carries more than just bright, almost sour fruity notes. I used drip, French press, and an Aeropress to see if one method held dominance over the others. Although there were slight variances to the strength of the potion, in all three styles, the greenness of the beans was the predominant sensation in the mouth.



  2. Roast your own.


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