Photo Album: First Public Cupping at Fishtown


We held the first public cupping event in our Coffee Lab at the Fishtown café/distillery this past Friday. Making an unannounced appearance and leading the slurp-fest was La Colombe co-founder and Dangerous Grounds host Todd Carmichael. We also surprised the crowd with some fine and rare single origins such as Panama Esmeralda Geisha, Panama Perci N2 Geisha, Reyna Geisha Microlot, Ethiopia Werka Bauka, Zambia Mbuni, Nicaragua El Diamante Auction Lot, Colombia San Roque, Brazil Blue Diamond, Guatemala Tomastepec, and Haiti Mare Blanche. If you missed out on the cupping at Fishtown, the next one will take place on Friday, January 9, 2015, and other similar events will be taking place in New York City, DC, and Chicago as well!








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1 Comment on Photo Album: First Public Cupping at Fishtown

  1. I was able to get to Fishtown this past week and the cafe is awesome! Had some great coffee and great food. I had a chance to say to both Todd and JP. I will hopefully make to the next cupping.


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