Motivation Monday: Bike Life

It’s National Bike to Work Week! Many of us at La Colombe ride daily, and for some of us, it’s that first morning ride that calls us out of bed in the morning. There’s just something about sitting down to that first cup of coffee at work, wind-tossed and already energized, ready to enjoy a brew and take on the day.

bike motivation-3

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1 Comment on Motivation Monday: Bike Life

  1. Finally got a bike. A lovely fat tired cruiser with a wicker basket, but not to ride to work. This honey will take me on adventures when my husband and I hit the road on retirement. That’s the thought that energizes me for work…well, that, a cup of coffee and a nice biscotti. Work is only a half hour walk down some quiet country roads and I always seem to go a little faster on the way back.


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