Liberty and Coffee for All! The Brew of the American Revolution.


From the nation’s birthplace – Happy Independence Day! This weekend, we’re raising a brew to liberty and justice for all and celebrating the strong connection between coffee and American Independence.

During the American Revolution, drinking coffee became a mark of patriotism. Under the Stamp Act of 1765, tea was unfairly taxed without the input or consent of American colonists. Many supporters of independence renounced that typical British drink in favor of coffee, especially after the Boston Tea Party of 1773. During that event, colonists dumped hundreds of pounds of British tea into the Boston harbor, and the American taste for coffee was cemented.

Not only was drinking coffee at home a symbol of American pride, public coffeehouses also served as important meeting places for revolutionaries. Many of our Founding Fathers gathered in coffeehouses, planting the seeds of democracy while they conspired over a cup. Without these places for colonial leaders to meet and discuss their ideas, the American Revolution might have never been more than a minor rebellion.

We’re proud to carry on the traditions of coffee, change, and progress. In fact, our new Philadelphia cafe on Independence Mall is right next to the spot where the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. Come visit us for a cup of America’s favorite drink, and have yourself a happy 4th of July!


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2 Comments on Liberty and Coffee for All! The Brew of the American Revolution.

  1. Have appreciated the greatness of a good cup of joe since 1999….a good 3oz open face brew of Columbian or Kenya AA is a great way to celebrate our Freedom


  2. Reblogged this on janetzimborski and commented:
    So coffee inspired the American Revolution….. Great post for July 4th Independence Day! To this day, you can see new ideas being brewed up in coffee houses around the world! Perhaps you too have taken part….. New relationships, partnerships, businesses, and my favorite…personal and community “Conciousness Revolution” . There is a new, responsible, compassionate freedom being born around the world!


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