Earth Day Sachet Recycle


Celebrate Earth Day by recycling your old sachets. Saving used tea leaves for your garden is a green way to reduce waste and actually benefits your potted plants.

Adding tea leaves to soil of plants can…

  • Aid in moisture retention
  • Help repress weeds
  • Enrich soil by adding nutrients and increasing nitrogen levels
  • Improve soil as tea decomposes
  • Gives food to earthworms = fertilizer for plants
  • Makes plant healthier and helps it grow


Our sachets are biodegradable and compostable, but we recommend removing leaves from sachet and placing directly on soil for best results. Once you’ve steeped, sipped, and resteeped your tea, the leaves are ready to go. Just tear open the sachet, add the leaves to your potted plant, and water regularly. Green thumbs up!


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