Banana Mocha Latte Smoothie

Some people enjoy guzzling down flavorless protein supplements and artificial powdered drinks before a tough workout. We’d rather keep things a bit more—real.

With just two ingredients (Mocha Draft Latte & Banana), this smoothie will be sure to prepare you for leg day, spin class, or even your morning walk.


Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 1.12.25 PM

Bananas are considered a terrific pre-workout food as they’re high in potassium and digestible carbs. So next time you head to the gym, consider this delicious smoothie alternative.


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4 Comments on Banana Mocha Latte Smoothie

  1. This is perfect! I am planning to go back to the gym this coming days and this smoothie will surely be a big help. Thanks for sharing this delicious and healthy smoothie recipe.


  2. Great idea to use the lattes in smoothies! I wish I could find the Mocha drink in my area.


  3. Bananas are disgusting and should not be eaten by anyone.


  4. Bananas, Chocolate, and Caffeine… might actually make protein powder consumable!

    Now when can deliver to the treadmill start?


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